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Advisory Services

A & J Management's advisory services are strategic and/or tactical based on the needs of our client. These services range from strategic planning, analysis, facilitation, implementation, and feedback. A & J Management solves problems and helps with the achievement of your goals.


A & J Management performs assessments to evaluate organizational readiness to address challenges, concerns, and aspirations. The assessment areas include administration, controls, planning, and systems. Based on the assessment, A & J Management recommends best practices and strategies for helping our clients solve problems and achieve their goals.

Initial Consultation
A & J Management initially meets with clients in order to understand their challenges, concerns, and aspirations.

Advisory Assessment
A & J Management analyzes initial meeting insights along with responses to a confidential client survey to assess areas for adding value.

Recommended Strategies
A & J Management's follow up client meeting focuses on strategies for client engagement and establishing goals.

A & J Management Advisors and their network of quality business partners deliver upon established implementation plans.

Ongoing Support
A & J Management continues to support client efforts on an as needed basis.