Are You Playing to Win?

Everyone wants to win but unfortunately that is not possible. What is it that separates winners from losers and how do you make yourself more likely to win than others? That is the million dollar question!

As an entrepreneur or small business owner winning is even more critical. Based on my business coaching and consulting experience, I have noticed similarities between organizational leaders who have been successful vs those who have not. Three keys to small business success are

  • Continually trying new things and learning from experiences

  • Developing written business plans and strategies

  • Focusing on growth by working on your business not in it

Since these things are easier said than done, my "Small Business Pro (SBP)" coaching methodology is based on helping business owners in these 3 critical areas. Most entrepreneurs need help from a competent business consultant with an objective/external perspective in order to do these things effectively. They also need to further develop their business knowledge, skills, and capabilities through coaching. In addition, certain members of their team may also require additional training.

Seven years ago I founded the POWER BREAKFAST series to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders to learn best practices, enjoy, great networking, and gain useful knowledge. We have had over 1,000 people attend and benefit from the experience. Our next event is this Wednesday, September 27th. Additional details are provided below...


Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA

Andrew is a trusted adviser helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders grow revenues, increase profitability, and obtain financing. He has significant expertise in business strategy and financial management allows him to take a holistic view of organizations to best determine how to address their challenges. His experience includes serving as a Navy Supply Corps Officer, Corporate Executive, Non-Profit Leader, Board Member, Adjunct Professor, Real Estate Investor, and as an Entrepreneur. Andrew graduated from MIT, qualified in logistics management for the Navy, earned an MBA from NYU-Stern, and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.